eZwayZ® cloud

Computable Awards 2022

eZwayZ® cloud main functionalities:

  • Super administrator access per customer
  • Assign local administrators
  • Visitor onboarding
  • Navigation instruction management
  • Directional navigation management
  • VIP navigation instruction management
  • Audio description management
  • Danger area’s and security zone administration (NaviZones module)

eZwayZ ® cloud modules:

  • Central Admin module for site management, assign instance administrators, manage user access and onboarding;
  • NaviGuide module to manage general and specific navigation instructions for visually impaired visitors. NaviGuide consists of sub-modules:
    • NaviPoints tool to manage unique directional interaction instructions. e.g. when approaching a door from the North "Enter door to access the hall of the Dutch Painters". When approaching the same door from the South "Enter door to access the main entrance". Manage rotation of directions and add specific instructions for visually impaired visitors.navipoints
    • NaviZones tool offers zone navigation information and increases location awareness for visually impaired by zone updates when on the move. " You are now entering an industrial area, please wear helmet and safety shoes "navizones